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Good Medicine Is Good Business

Adam Low, CEO of SENTA Partners, and other SENTA leaders and physicians discuss the approach to each partnership made by SENTA Partners.

About SENTA Partners

Rob Collins, Chief Strategy Officer, and other members of SENTA Partners discuss our values and mission.

SENTA Physician Panel

Zack Usilton, CDO, Meets with SENTA Physicians, Dr. Shatul Parikh, Dr. Karen Hoffmann, and Dr. Kevin Schaffer to discuss the benefits of partnering with SENTA Partners.

Why SENTA with ENT Carolina

Physicians of ENT Carolina, Dr. Mark Reiber, and Dr. Frederic Levy review the benefits of partnering with SENTA and the emphasis on providing the best ENT patient care possible.

Growing Your Practice with ENT Carolina

Physicians at ENT Carolina discuss how partnering with SENTA Partners allowed them to grow their practice, open new locations, and the support they received throughout the process.

Why SENTA Partners With Dr. Lily G. Hwang

Dr. Lily Hwang discusses how she and her fellow physicians were able to focus more on delivering the highest quality patient care possible since SENTA Partners took over the business and operational duties of the practice.


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