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Atlanta, GA – June 20, 2023

SENTA Partners Leading Otolaryngologists, Drs. Robert Puchalski and Macy Vidrine of SCENT, Announces Findings for In-Office Pediatric Tube Placement

Conclusive Findings from Study Published in AAO-HNSF Journals Highlight In-Office Pediatric Tympanostomy Complication Rates Consistent with Traditional Tube Placement in OR

Today, SENTA (“Southern Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Physicians”) announced that Dr. Robert Puchalski of SCENT and principal investigator with other contributing partners, including Dr. Macy Vidrine, also of SCENT published a conclusive study in AAO-HNSF Journals titled ‘Advances in Otolaryngology: A Comprehensive Review,’  finding that in-office pediatric tympanostomy using lidocaine/ epinephrine iontophoresis and automated tube delivery results in tube retention within the ranges described for similar grommet-type tubes and complication rates consistent with traditional tube placement in the Operating Room (“OR”). 

“We are pleased to see our esteemed colleagues Dr. Robert Puchalski and Dr. Macy Vidrine advancing and innovating the pediatric otolaryngology field and looking at ways to improve care and treatment options for our youngest patients,” said Shatul Parikh, MD, chief medical officer, SENTA. “Tympanostomy is one of the most common ambulatory surgeries performed on children, with nearly 700,000 cases a year. To be able to advance that surgery and perform in-office with outcomes comparable to the OR is great progress for treatment paradigms.” 

“Our research found that the complication rates of in-office vs the OR were consistent with one another but did not account for the other stressors added to the OR surgery, including absenteeism from school and work, pre-opt fasting, separation of child and family during surgery and extended recovery times,” said Robert Puchalski, MD. “To provide alternatives for this fragile patient population for a very common procedure and improve outcomes is immeasurable.” 

SCENT is an elite provider of ear, nose, and throat care in South Carolina. SCENT’s downtown Columbia, Irmo, Lugoff, Columbia Northeast, and Sumter locations are accredited CT facilities by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. Additionally, four locations are AASM-accredited sleep labs. The group also operates South Carolina’s only comprehensive Vestibular testing and rehab center. This breadth of scope provides the highest level of care and advanced treatment for patients in South Carolina. In addition, SCENT has a partnership with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, providing elective rotations for residents and medical students.    

If interested in learning more about a partnership with SENTA, contact the Chief Development Officer, Zack Usilton, at [email protected].

About SENTA Partners

Southern Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Physicians (SENTA) is a leading community of the finest ENT and Allergy/Immunology specialists in the Southern region. SENTA provides the highest quality allergy, asthma, immunology, and otolaryngology care leading to better patient outcomes. Founded in 2019 with an investment from Shore Capital Partners, SENTA provides strategic, operational, and administrative support to our ENT partner practices and allergy, empowering physicians to focus on their patients. 

About Shore Capital Partners

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